Dear Kid,

Happy Yellow Pig Day! (Yes, it's a thing, and yes you should read about it.) DearKidLoveMom.comToday is Yellow Pig Day! Remember what that means? Neither did I, so click here to reread about it.

It’s also Peach Ice Cream Day! Know what that means? Know what that means? Go eat some peach ice cream and think about it.

Most importantly, it’s Global Hug Your Kids Day.

I think Global Hug Your Kids Day is a great idea. Hugs are important. Hugs are essential. Hugs are calorie-free chocolate.

Happy Global Hug Your Kids Day!

But you are not here and that makes it more difficult to hug you. (And by “more difficult” I mean impossible.)

This presents a celebratory dilemma.

I could suggest you give yourself a hug for me. Not a terrible idea, but certainly not one of my best.

I could text one of your friends or co-workers and ask one of them to give you a hug. That would work better if I knew how to contact one of them. (I wonder if it’s too late to rent a skywriting plane…)

I could wrap a hug in plastic and mail it to you, but a) that doesn’t seem very satisfactory and b) it won’t get there for a few days. Next!

I could write a blog letter and post it online. Oh, wait, I already do that.

Or maybe, I can send you a virtual hug. Just tell you how much I love you and that I wish I were near enough to hug you in person.

Virtual hug, coming your way.

Love, Mom