Halloween by the Numbers

Dear Kid,

The tally:

Halloween Trick or Treat DearKidLoveMom.com14 ghosts

3 pirates

1 melted ice cream cone

2 roller skaters

A gaggle of witches

4 pumpkins

A graveyard of mummies, zombies, and vampires

5 super heroes

Too many princesses to count

1 dinosaur

A puppy

28 costumes I couldn’t identify

Barking every time someone came to the door

Cooing over the Puppy every time someone came to the door

483 pounds of chocolate

Happy Halloween!

Love, Mom


  1. It was a remarkably quiet Halloween on my street. We had a quiet dinner of squash soup and warm brussels sprouts salad. Both adult children happened to join us for the meal. Not a single ghoul, zombie, or pumpkin cone darkened our brightly lit pumpkin adorned doorstep. I gave candy to both of my kids, but was very disappointed that no one came to call. Next tear we may need to send invitations. Booooooooo hoo!

    • Oh, no! No little kids? Maybe you need to move…


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