Dear Kid,

Unfortunately, stories about rotten customer service abound. “I can’t believe I had to stand in line for half an hour and then they got my order wrong.” “You would not believe how rude that salesperson was!” “If I’d wanted bruised tomatoes, I’d have picked out bruised tomatoes! There was no reason for the clerk to throw my produce down the belt like that!”

Veterans and More | Thank You to All Who Keep Us Safe DearKidLoveMom.comWhat’s even more unfortunate is that we’ve come to expect terrible service. “Allow an extra half hour.” “Oh, look. They only messed up half my order—things are improving.”

Every now and then, we find great customer service. Not just good (which is surprising in and of itself) but great.

Such is the case with the support team at SKT Themes.

SKT Themes creates designs (themes) for WordPress websites, and I recently had the opportunity to contact their support team because I sort of, um, messed up the code (not on—on another site).

Not only did Shri respond promptly (I know, crazy, right?), he was helpful. When I still couldn’t fix the problem, he had one of the programmers sign into the site and – shazam! problem solved. Pretty wonderful.

Then when I had another question, he sent me a video explaining the solution. He didn’t say “go find a video” he kindly sent me the link. Happy me.

I’m hoping not to break the website again, but if I do help is only an email away.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful experience today.

Love, Mom