Dear Kid,

Friday the 13th Explained. DearKidLoveMom.comIt’s Friday the 13th!!

If you need me, my black cat and I will be under a ladder checking our makeup in a broken mirror, after which we’ll go inside and open an umbrella. Or two. Or three.

I will not, however, be watching scary movies. Not now, not ever.

I think there should be rules about what movies can be advertised when I’m watching TV. There are zillions of channels I don’t watch and hundreds of hours each month when I’m nowhere near television—they can advertise all the scary movies they want when I’m not around. When they show clips, I have stop watching and cover my eyes.

October brings out pink ribbons (good), pumpkin-spice (good in moderation), and a zillion and three scary movies (which as far as I’m concerned is a zillion and three too many).

The Puppy doesn’t like scary movies either.

He’s too busy trying to convince the black cat to be friends.

Love, Mom

P. S. For the record, the only black cat we have lives in my imagination.