Dear Kid,

Fourth of July To Do List:

4h of July. Happy Birthday America. DearKidLoveMom.comMake a cup of coffee.

Fill the bird feeder.

Watch the squirrels eat the seeds I spilled filling the bird feeder.

Put on bug spray.

Pull out wintercreeper.

Provide mosquitoes with brunch despite the bug spray.

Explain to the birds that they should eat some bugs in addition to the birdseed.

Be ignored by the birds.

Watch Puppy nap on the driveway. Decide he has the right idea and call him over for a snuggle. Extra points for a sleepy snuggly puppy.

Wave as Dad and Pi leave for a bike ride.

Plan lunch.

Plan dinner.

Watch the squirrels some more because it’s fun.

Take refrigerator inventory and re-plan meals. Consider stealing seed from the squirrels to make dinner since there’s not much in the house.

Watch the weeds regenerate at light speed. Times two.

Make another cup of coffee.

Watch the squirrels plot how to get to the birdfeeder because eating the seeds that fall is great but insufficient. For the millionth time, wonder whether “bird  feeder” or “birdfeeder” is correct. Decide the answer can wait.

Brush the Puppy. It’s summer, so allow extra time.

Get ready for the fireworks and music festival this evening.

Make another cup of coffee.

Be proud to live in this country despite all its faults. And the mosquitoes.

Happy Birthday, America!

Love, Mom