Dear Kid,

Things I don’t understand:

Why am I the only person in the house who can take the labels off bananas and get rid of them? FACT: Banana labels do not belong perched on top of the banana tree stand.

Time flies like the wind; fruit flies like a banana. Weird banana factsWhy are weeds so hardy? And why haven’t other plants learned from them?

What is it with dust? Where does dust come from? And why does it colonize in our house? Dust dragons are lovely creatures, but they breed at a ridiculous rate.

Why am I the only person in the house who can fill the birdfeeders? It’s not that hard. Yet no one else seems to possess the technical skill required to notice that there feeders are empty.

Weekend Coffee is Different Than Weekday CoffeeWhy does weekend coffee taste better than weekday coffee? And why doesn’t weekday coffee learn?

These are important things to ponder on a rainy weekend morning.

Life is pretty good if these are the big issues.

Hope your life is pretty good today, too.

Love, Mom