FC Cincinnati | We’re Off to the Game!

Dear Kid,

Celebrating World Cup Soccer Puppy-style DearKidLoveMom.comSomehow, someway, we (and by “we” I mean you) managed to defy the odds, conquer the technology, and procure tickets to tonight’s FC Cincinnati game.

The fabulous feat means that A) we get to enjoy the game tonight and B) I get to make several people seriously jealous.

We also get to fight 4 zillion cars to make it downtown in time for the start of the game. Not a problem. I have great faith. Not to mention we’re leaving 6 hours before we need to be there.

OK, I’m joking about the 6 hours. We’re only allowing 5.

Don your blue (yes, it’s a #Blueout), and let’s have fun!

Love, Mom


  1. Lucky you! I’m dying to go!

    • What. A. Game. Pretty sure I’m going to write about it. Maybe for tomorrow…


  1. Here's What I Think About the FC Cincinnati Game | Dear Kid, Love Mom - […] there was a soccer game in Cincinnati this week (wasn’t sure if you knew […]


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