Dear Kid,

Some super smarty types at MIT have developed a prototype of a bracelet (looks like a watch, but who am I to quibble with pure genius) that warms and cools the wearer’s body with just a flip of a switch. I think this is about 17 kinds of brilliant. Not only will it save electricity (which is what the students are proud of), but it will probably do more than counseling and date night to preserve marriages around the globe. Approximately half the divorces in this world (I counted) comes from women telling men to turn up the heat in the winter and men being annoyed that when they don’t turn up the heat their wives put their icicle feet on their backs to warm up. Kudos to the MIT team. You may be on the wrong side of the river, but I think you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

You should feel free to collaborate with dad to get me one.

casttoo decals for casts DearKidLoveMom.comThere is a new (at least new to me) technology for people who have been injured badly enough to need a cast. It’s called and they sell decals that adhere to casts to cheerful them up. Hopefully, you will never have the opportunity to decide if you’d like one, but it’s a really interesting concept.

In other news, a study at Duke University shows that CEOs make more money the lower their voice is. They also found that voters are more likely to choose candidates with lower voices. I’ll need to ask Uncle David if sopranos with lower voices get paid more too….

Hope Halloween was huge fun and helped you pitch your voice lower.

Love, Mom