Dear Kid,

It’s National Egg Nog Day and National Chocolate Day. And Both of My Kids Will Be Home Today Day.

Does not get much sweeter than this.

Happy National Chocolate Day! Let's Celebrate! DearKidLoveMom.comEgg Nog: A drink traditionally made with eggs (and by “eggs” I mean eggs, milk, cream, and any other fattening dairy product you can pour) and nog (and by “nog” I mean whatever alcoholic beverage you happen to have lying around but specifically bourbon, rum, or cognac ). Also sugar. The recipe is as follows: Do a bunch of complicated stuff. Grate nutmeg on top. Drink enough so you don’t care.

While I have no doubt that homemade egg nog is infinitely superior to the store-bought additive-filled variety, I also know that I have no intention of making egg nog from scratch when someone, somewhere has gone to all the trouble to make it for me and put it in a convenient carton.

Or we could just have drink and toast the season sans dairy.

On the other hand, since it’s also Chocolate Day, maybe we should consider incorporating that. I’ve never tried chocolate egg nog, but as your grandmother says, “It’s got ingredients; how bad can it be?”

She also says, “Of course I’ll have some chocolate! Chocolate is a very important vegetable.”

Pass the ingredients; we have some experimenting to do!

Love, Mom