Double Crusted Fudge and Housecleaning

Dear Kid,

Double crust fudge. Delicous! DearKidLoveMom.comWord around the dining room table is that Pi’s double crusted fudge is delicious and you should ask her to make some when you get home. It is not something that will ship well. In fact, it’s probably the kind of thing that will end up dripping through the box and cause the postal inspectors to send it though the “caution” line and then when they open it they’ll be overcome with delicious chocolate fumes and never get their work done for the day. So to keep the postal system running (cough) as efficiently as ever, you’ll have to wait until you’re here.

We had a lovely dinner with some of Pi’s friends last night. It was so lovely that the Puppy brought about half of his toys into the dining room. I’m not sure if he wanted to share or he was just showing off his wealth. In any event, he had a reasonable amount of cleaning up to do before bedtime.

One of the great benefits of having people for dinner (besides the food) is that we take the time to clean up. I really wish I didn’t hate cleaning so much—I love the look and feel of the house when it’s all fluffed and sparkly clean.

One of the great downsides of having people for dinner (besides a very full tummy) is that we take the time to clean up. Not only did I end up with two chipped fingernails, I have a Big Pile to deal with. The Big Pile (that is now on my bed) used to be a Whole Bunch of Piles in the kitchen—where I was able to easily find everything.

I think I’m sort of like a squirrel in that regard. No one else knows where things are, but I can find each piece of paper. Except for the ones I forget about, and they grow into oak trees.

But once all those piles are consolidated, I have no idea where things are and/or what Needs To Be Dealt With Immediately.

I should probably go through the Big Pile, but I’m still exhausted from all that cleaning.

Love, Mom

The Menu (just in case you wanted to know)

Appetizers: chips, salsa, cheese dip in bread bowl, pretzels, crudite

Dinner: Penne with sauce, rolls, salad, croutons (yep, they were served separately)

Dessert: Coffee, tea, pineapple upside down cake, double crusted fudge



  1. The reason I am a psychiatrist and I am not a therapist is that I like to give solutions. My solution… with your phone take pictures of the papers you wish to keep– then email them to yourselves and save in appropriate folders.
    You really were not looking for an answer, were you?

    • That’s why you’re the doctor. My solution would be: don’t clean.


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