Dear Kid,

Not all choices are easy.

Some are ridiculously simple.

“Do you want fries with that?” Heck, yeah. Who doesn’t?

Other choices are far more difficult. Have you ever watched Pi try to make a decision about what to order in a restaurant? So many choices. Such hard decisions.

Which brings up the question, how do you handle difficult decisions? Bad news, kiddo. That’s why they’re called “difficult.”

I figure it’s all Marie Antoinette’s fault. She said “Let them eat cake” which was quickly followed by “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” which of was immediately followed by “Cake makes you fat.” From which we learn that you can’t eat an entire cake and expect to fit into your jeans.

Decisions, Decisions....DearKidLoveMom.comWhether a choice is hard or easy to make has nothing to do with its importance. Jumping off a bridge without a bungee cord or not? Important consequences; easy decision. Which shoes to wear? Next to impossible decision sometimes; not really so many implications.

Life is full of choices. Most of the choices we face are things we hardly even think about (what should I have for breakfast today?). But sometimes we’re faced with decisions that really tax our thinkers. We like/want/loathe all the options. Or feel we haven’t even found all the solutions. Or believe that the decision will be so impactful that it requires extra time and attention.

Life is full of choices. Some big, some little. All of them add up to the you that is you.

Hoping all your choices today are easy ones.

Love, Mom