Dean Friedman, a Pre-College Education, and Nostalgia

Dean Friedman ArielDear Kid,

When I was about your age (many moons ago), I had the great fortune to be friends with some of the most fabulous people in the country world universe. Last night, Beth of the Beth-Ellen-Mom trio (although we mostly used last names at that point in our lives) heard Ariel on the radio and wisely sent out an urgent Facebook post. Ellen and Beth have not aged a freakin’ day since we were teenagers (although Ellen’s hair is longer); Dean Friedman on the other hand has changed considerably.

Lesson: Take care of your appearance. You never know how fashion will change or who has taken a photo of you.

In grad school, John G, other friends but I’m not sure who, and I went to see Dean Friedman in concert somewhere on the upper West Side. Fab evening.

I have included the mega hit Ariel below for your listening enjoyment. Great song, odd video in that it can’t make up it’s mind what decade it’s supposed to be portraying. If you’re lucky, I will inflict more Dean Freidman songs upon your delicate ears. Amazingly, I still have the vinyl.

How awesome is it that you have a mom who shares everything from Gilbert & Sullivan to Wicked to 1970s pop hits all on one blog? Talk about a musical education before you even get to college!

Nostalgia today–I will aim to “write something good” tomorrow.

Love, Mom


  1. Well, if you are going to be so kind as to tell me I haven’t aged in 35 years, I must say right back atcha! Love this blog and hopefully one day soon we will be able to reconnect in person.

    • Ha! The approved photo of me has been phototouched within an inch of its life! Having said that, would LOVE to reconnect in person!


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