Dear Kid,

Poor Pi doesn’t feel well. She has a Virus. Which is a terrible thing to have because it’s not easy to treat (and by “not easy” I mean basically impossible).

Need advice about sleeping? Ask the expert. DearKidLoveMom.comYou can’t really treat a virus because viruses live inside your body’s cells. Like little aliens. And medicines move through the bloodstream. Like little travelers. And everyone knows that aliens and travelers rarely interact. (Well, that was a bad analogy.)

The point is that medicine can’t get to viruses in order to knock them out. Which means that viruses stick around until they are good and ready to leave.
Pi is officially being treated with ibuprofen and water and cough drops.
I suggested chicken soup, sleep, and a little love.

Because Dr. Mom knows these things.

But poor Pi can’t sleep because her throat is so sore.

So I turned to my resident sleep expert for some advice. Here is what he said:

First, find a place in the sun. If the door to the porch isn’t open, whine until someone opens it for you. Sniff around until you find the exact spot you want to nap in. Turn around. Turn around again. Consider turning one more time and decide it isn’t necessary. Lie down. Sign contentedly. Fall instantly asleep. Five minutes later, decide you’re warm enough and whine to go inside. Go to favorite pillow. No need to sleep because it’s The Pillow. Flop down. Sleep. Keep one ear open for food dropping somewhere.

I’m hoping that helps our girl get some shuteye.

Love, Mom