Dear Kid,

While we ate our way from one end of Chicago to the other (and back again), we did a bit of shopping and sightseeing (just to break up the monotony of all the food).

We rode the trolley, the El, and taxis. We found the taxi drivers to be kind and interesting and the taxi fares to be….um, encompassing.

What exactly goes on in Chicago? Taxi prices Chi-town.

Across the street from the hotel was the aforementioned patisserie, and a tea shop where we learned about different kinds of tea (shocker). And I purchased some new and interesting teas (even bigger shocker).

What a wonderful tea store.

Wandering around, we found some really interesting statues.

Dad hanging out with his peeps.

And the occasional dinosaur.

Sue the Dinosaur at the Field Museum.

We also found some really expensive stores which will have to survive on someone else’s hard earned cash as we bought exactly nothing. At least nothing we couldn’t immediately eat.

Love, Mom