Dear Kid,

It’s Friday, and for the first time in many weeks we will not be heading to a High School football game tonight. It feels a little weird. I’m sure the weather forecasters are pleased that I have no need to fuss about the accuracy (or lack thereof).

Sports are not the only thing in life. They may not even be the most important thing in life (calm down, I said “may”). But big changes in sports seasons often take me by surprise. I get taken out of my short-term habit of going to The Game, watching football on the weekend while curled up on the couch, half watching a hockey game before bed while I get a little bit more work done. Other people seem to flow seamlessly from one season to the next and you’d think I would have adjusted to the change by now. I haven’t. I’m always a little disappointed that when I want to watch a football game there isn’t one on. (Why people don’t consult me on the schedules is still a mystery.) Perhaps it’s because I don’t like all sports equally (but that’s a topic for another day). Fortunately, we haven’t hit the end of the televised football season yet, so I don’t have to go cold turkey.

I know you’re headed to the basketball game tomorrow (see how confusing the change of sports season is?) Maybe part of the problem is that the seasons don’t change so much as overlap. I shall have to think about this some more. Hope you and Dad enjoy the game and that OUr Team wins.

Speaking of soccer (just because I wasn’t) this kid is amazing. Just when you think it’s gone on a little too long and you’ve had enough, keep watching. And yet, he probably can’t pass a Chem Exam.


Love, Mom