Dear Kid,

Pi and I have done our part to help  stimulate the economy and support the Black Friday numbers.

And we survived to tell the tale.

In the spirit of complete transparency, we did not hit The Mall. We went to Deerfield, the open plaza type mall, and to several free standing stores (including going to the bank three times).

I wanted to get an iron, but it turns out that iron-technology and functionality have changed since the last time I bought an iron (about 30 years ago) and I was somewhat traumatized by the options I faced. Solution? Punt on purchasing an iron and instead buy interesting coffee.

Spiking a football? Absolutely fine. Spiking a drink? Absolutely not. DearKidLoveMom.comShopping, a trip to the gym, turkey soup and a salad for dinner, and a whole lot of football. Pretty much sounds like a perfect Black Friday to me.

Which of course brings up the question, why isn’t spiking the ball considered intentional grounding (with the attendant penalty)?

Turns out that spiking the ball with the intent to stop the clock (as opposed to spiking the ball in the end zone after scoring a TD) is a Special Rule Case (which means the officiating body of football decided to allow it as it makes the game more interesting and sells more merchandise).

More specifically, there is a section in the rules that says it’s allowed. IF.

If the “player under center” immediately upon receiving the snap, begins a continuous throwing motion and throws the football directly into the ground. (In other words, if the QB spikes the ball, it’s ok.) This is a legal way to stop the clock, use up a down, but not get penalized.

However, if the “passer delays his passing action for strategic purposes” and then throws the ball into the ground, it is not considered a spike and it is considered intentional grounding.

Therefore, spiking the ball can involve no thinking, adjusting, or breathing. You just have to spike the dang ball.

There is also a Special Rule Case for spiking a drink. You’re not old enough to drink, so don’t do it. Especially if the drinker doesn’t expect it to be spiked.

Love, Mom