Dear Kid,

Did you ever have a time when the world just crashed in to you? There you are going along, pushing all reasonable boundaries and getting away with it, and WHAM! reality catches up, tackles you, and does a victory dance in the endzone.

I had that happen last night.

Awake Awake Not Awake DearKidLoveMom.comAfter a week of staying up too late and then driving 432 hours across the United States over the weekend, I hit a wall last night. Both literally and figuratively. One because I’m a klutz; one because I was exhausted.

My brain cells started the whole thing. They just refused to function. They accomplished the basics: heart, lungs, spleen all kept working. But that grey matter refused to produce anything resembling coherent thought.

Then my eyes took a bit of a vacay. Instead of looking around and registering various parts of the house, they stared, fixed, at a corner of the TV without actually seeing anything. After that my eyelids began to stop fighting gravity. They slumped. They slid. They skidded to a halt just before shutting completely.

My chin started sliding elegantly toward the arm of the couch. Time may have continued along its normal trajectory, but I was unaware of its passage.

And then….



…Uh? What? It’s what time? I’m going to bed…

Love, Mom