pittsburg penguins dear kid love momDear Kid,

Back in 1922, forensics was nothing like it is today. For starters, no one had even dreamed of a tv show called CSI: Miami, and I have it on good authority that tv shows that can solve everything in an hour (including commercials) are the source of all science.

April 24, 1922: Colin Ross is “hanged to death” (as opposed to partially hanged, I guess) for raping and murdering 13-year-old Alma Tirtschke. He was convicted (wrongly as it turned out) based on evidence of human hair found in his home.  Fortunately, the science has come a long way since then.

April 24, 1982: Jane Fonda’s first workout video was released. I’m sure this is not interesting or meaningful to you. I’m not even sure you know who Jane Fonda is. But for Those of Us of a Certain Age, we were in college at the time and Jane was the Queen and Guru of working out (and of wearing leotards and legwarmers). You probably don’t need the details.

April 24, 1996: The Pittsburgh Penguins (having confused ice hockey with marathon races) beat the Washington Capitals, 3-2, in 139 minutes and 15 seconds. Clearly, the ticket buyers got their money’s worth out of that event. If it had gone much longer, the concession stands might have begun selling sleeping bags. Surprisingly, this was only the fifth longest game in the NHL–the longest game was March  24, 1936, when the Detroit Red Wings beat the Montreal Maroons, 1-0, in six overtimes for a total of 176 minutes and 30 seconds.

Hang out with me, Kid, and you’ll learn the weirdest stuff.

Have a great April 24th!

Love, Mom