Dear Kid,

Statement I read on the internet:

Humans are the only animals that willingly put off sleep.


Reaction Part I: Some of them do put off sleep.

Have you ever seen the Puppy fight sleep? When he wants to stay awake and be part of whatever’s going on but he’s so tired his eyelids take control? He’s at least trying to willingly put off sleep.

Working dogs put off sleeping while they’re on the job all the time. And they do it willingly because they love their work and their people.

Reaction Part II: Of course they don’t put off sleep.

Hippos don't have the dexterity to handle a remote control. So of course they don't have to put off sleep. DearKidLoveMom.comI’ve never seen a hippo with the dexterity to channel surf.

Giraffes don’t care for binge watching Netflix. If they even get Netflix to begin with.

Very few manatees have access to caffeine. Even fewer have access to a Keurig.

Pandas don’t have school or work deadlines that cause them to pull all-nighters to get the darn things done.

Whales communicate brilliantly during the day. They don’t need to stay up all night texting each other.

Cats don’t care about cat videos.

Skunks never worry about staying up to finish reading a really good book. They know they can finish it tomorrow. Or the next day.

Sloths pretty much sleep all the time. There’s nothing to put off.

Turtles never get the bright idea to yell, “Party!” and stay up all night drinking beer.

Tuna fish swim in schools, so the teens don’t need to have sleepovers and stay up all night painting their nails.

Reaction Part III: Does it really matter?

Not really. And the Puppy is sleeping right now (willingly or not), so I think I’ll go cuddle with him. Because whether they sleep willingly or not, most animals are adorable when they snooze.

Love, Mom