Dear Kid,

It’s final season.

This year’s American Ninja Warrior Season has ended.

More people (8) made it through Stage 2 and on to Stage 3 than ever before which made for lots of fun watching. But it was heartbreaking (I know so because the announcers told me) to watch some of the competitors fall during Stage 1 and 2. And this year, for the first time in American Ninja Warrior History, one guy made it through to Stage 4 !!

Which meant staying up to the end so I could see what happened.

But wait! Two people made it through Stage 3 and on to Mount Midoriyama!!! Unbelievable!!! (I’m not a big believer in exclamation points, but the announcers insist.)

Sometimes, exclamation points are necessary! DearKidLoveMom.comSince we’ve never seen Stage 4, some explanation is in order.

Like Stages 1 and 2, Stage 4 is a timed stage. Athletes will have 30 seconds to climb the 75 foot rope ladder and hit the buzzer. If they both make it, the fastest time wins.

After thousands of incredathletes competing through city qualifiers, city finals, and the first three stages, two competitors are about to quest for $1 Million. Yes, I guess exclamation points are in order.

I’m not a nail biter, but if I were, now would be the time.

Step 1: Don climbing gear. Step 2: Crowd goes wild. Step 3: Climb.

The first competitor is up and hits the buzzer with a third of a second left.

Repeat step 2: Crowd goes wild. Like insanely wild.

(Just so you know, that particular competitor is a professional sports camera man. And he’s 36 years old.)

And again.

Step 1: Don climbing gear. Step 2: Crowd goes wild. Step 3: Climb.

(The second competitor is a bus boy and one of the top ranked rock climbers in the US.)

And Isaac Caldiero (the bus boy and climber) wins by 3 seconds! Not only did he win $1 Million, he got a big statue of Mount Midoriyama.

He won because he “was one with the rope.” I know because he said so.

I feel bad for the other guy. Ridiculous that he didn’t get buckets of money. But pretty cool that American Ninja Warriors are going where no ANWs have gone before.

Love, Mom

And stay tuned, because tonight America’s Got Talent announces the winner. Pi and I have Opinions.