Dear Kid,

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. Charles Swindoll Well said. DearKidLoveMom.comWelcome to Dallas for the next round of American Ninja Warrior. I’m psyched because tonight (the previews have assured us) a woman makes it through the first round for the first time. We also learn that you have to be 21 to compete—I’m not sure why I find that so interesting. Maybe it’s because of all the super young athletes we see in other sports.

Johnny Quinn (of Olympic bobsled locked-in-the-bathroom fame) attempted the course and only made it through three obstacles before crashing soggily.

Jonathan Horton (Olympic silver and bronze medalist in gymnastics) did a great job but also fell (boom) into the water. Pi and I did not see that one coming since he went out on a ring (upper body strength) obstacle.

Some people made it through the course (reminder—this is still the qualifying round). The course ate some people. Actually, the course ate a lot of people including some of the top contenders. With the help of Gravity who was making his presence felt in a big way. (The specific Way being Off The Course.)

Gravity (and the Course) however were in favor of being part of History (or else they were intimidated by History – which may be the same thing) and a woman made it through the qualifying round for the First Time Ever (BAE if you prefer). There was much excitement. By which I mean an exceptional amount of excitement. Even those of us who didn’t jump up and down are six kinds of proud of her. She’s 5 feet nothing tall competing in a sport where wingspan is pretty important. You Go Girl.

The drama continues next week in St. Louis. I may or may not report on it.

Love, Mom

BAE= Before Anyone Else. Also the cause of nonsense between you and Pi in the car last night.