Dear Kid,

Yesterday was a great day in sports (depending on your point of view of course).

The Rangers won the first game of the semi-finals (east) 2:1. Dad was out reffing so Pi picked up the coaching from the couch duties.

The Puppy napped.

Pi got ready for Prom (yes, prom is a sporting event). She looked fabulous, complete with a gold converse sneaker on one foot and a pink tie-died sock and aircast on the other.

The Puppy barked and had to be bribed to get out of the pictures.

There was golf. Records were broken. (Clean up on aisle 3.)

And American Pharaoh swam through the mud to victory at the Preakness, which means there is the possibility for a triple crown in three weeks at the Belmont Stakes.

The Puppy chewed on his foot to address an itch and then suggested he share dinner with Dad.

But here’s the best part of the day.

Charlotte Brown finished third at the Texas State Championships. You may remember (if not, I’ll remind you) that Charlotte Brown is an amazing teenager who just happens to be a blind pole vaulter. Vador, her guide dog, joined her on the medal stand. Massive cheers!

The Puppy was suitably impressed. Then asked to be scratched.

Love, Mom