Cold as in Stick Your Head In the Freezer to Warm Up DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

As I believe I may have mentioned, it is cold. And going to get even colder. (O, Joy.)

Note: Yes, it’s the same image as yesterday, but due to a technical yark! not everyone got to see it.

While there are people who love the winter and the cold, I am not one of them. I like one good snow accumulation a year, where you can go outside and appreciate the amazing job Mama Nature has done decorating the trees and come inside and be warm. I do not like sub-zero temperatures and howling winds—especially when I have to Go Places and show up looking more or less presentable.

As I have also mentioned, I am in charge of my own happiness. And while I completely believe in the value of a good kvetch now and then, there are some things (like the weather) I just don’t have any ability to control. Since I can’t control the speed or viciousness of the howling winds, I decided to make a list of The  to try to keep some balance in my perspective.

  1. Next summer, when it is 95 degrees and 300% humidity, we can look back on this with fondness regret happiness…ok, we can just look back.
  2. No one can complain that “it just isn’t winter without snow.”
  3. It’s easy to justify hot chocolate, marshmallows, and brandy (for medicinal purposes only).
  4. A roaring fire seems sort of silly when it’s shorts and T-shirt weather.
  5. You don’t have to mow the snow.
  6. You have a good excuse for hat hair.
  7. Snowmen. You just can’t build them in the summer.
  8. The winter Olympics.
  9. Sweaters, scarves, layers, boots, and my entire winter wardrobe.
  10. It’s never too hot to sleep.
  11. Snow days.
  12. Snuggling.

Stay warm, sweetie.

Love, Mom